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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 23, 2014 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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guarding the first family. what we heard about the intruder's past run-ins with the law. first at 4:00. news4 at 4:00 starts now. good thursday afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. we begin with this afternoon at 4:00 with new details on the latest jumper at the white house. a local man prompting another round of scrutiny over security at the white house. >> for the second time in just over a month, someone has jumped the fence there. this time while the president was home. secret service officers and dogs had to stop domnick from racing across the lawn last night. he's from bel-air, maryland. and u.s. marshals had to calm him down several times. >> it's one of several recent cases that could lead to tighter security in the capitol. steve handelsman is live with the latest. steve? >> reporter: jim, thanks. and pat. here at the executive mansion last night, white house aides say the secret service showed
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off its professionalism. two dogs and officers moving fast, seen in this video from fox news. that's how secret service took down last night's fence-jumper. back frwell back from the residence where president obama was. arrested was a 32-year-old man with a history of clashes with white house security. his arrest is a boost for the much-criticized secret service. >> we're very appreciative of their efforts. >> reporter: but with the u.s. leading a coalition against isis, there is increased worry about attacks by suspected isis sympathizers like the canadian killers monday in montreal and yesterday. security is tight at the tomb of the unknowns where the canadian soldier was shot. but like parliament hill, capitol hill in washington is wide open. on c-span today, former senate sergeant at arms and capitol
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police chief terry gainer called for a fence. visitors would be cleared before they get to the capitol. >> any impediment you can give to slow people down and make it more difficult is a positive. >> reporter: but there is opposition to a fence. >> i hope they don't have to go to those extremes. >> we didn't do it after 9/11, so i can't imagine doing it now. >> reporter: at the white house, a study panel soon might recommend a higher fence or more security. but administration officials say the best way to keep this place safe from home-grown islamic terror for muslims to do more in their communities now to keep people from becoming radicalized. live at the white house, steve handelsman, news4. first at 4:00, a startling admission about a missing person's case that ended in tragedy. back in may of 2013, 8 3-year-old victoria kong disappeared after landing at
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reagan national airport. she was discovered dead three days later near gradually point, controlled by u.s. park police which today announced it's taken action against a shift commander for inappropriate comments during the investigation. a park police investigation revealed that over the phone that shift commander referred to kong as a, quote, 9,000-year-old alzheimer's woman who probably, quote, went into the expletive river, end quote. the park police says it's taken administrative action, although all other aspects of the investigation were done properly. a bench warrant out this afternoon for jesse matthew and a 2005 rape case in fairfax county. now matthew is in jail in albemarle county, virginia, suspected in the disappearance of hannah graham. monday, he was indicted on charges of attempted murder, abduction and rape. his defense attorney in the graham case asked the judge to appoint him in the fairfax case. matthew is being held in jail without bond.
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the trial date is set this afternoon for the man accused in three high-profile murders in alexandria. charles severance will be tried october 5th of next year. he's accused of murdering ruth ann lodato, ronald kirby and nancy dunning. the judge hired two outside investigators for no more than $30,000. severance was in the courtroom for today's hearing, along with his parents. family members of victims were also there. coming up all new at 5:00 tonight, a friend of a murder victim tells northern virginia bureau chief julie carey, what it's like seeing their loved ones' accused killer for the first time. maureen mcdonnell's sentencing is set for february 20th. mrs. mcdonnell was convicted on several corruption charges in september, along with her husband, the former governor, bob mcdonnell. he'll be sentenced first on january 6th. first at 4:00, a new investigation under way into a local rabbi charged with spying
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on naked women. townsend university launched an internal probe today over barry freundel. police arrested him earlier this month after he was accused of secretly recording women, taking private ritual battle at his synagogue here in washington. townsend officials are checking to see if the school violated federal sex discrimination laws in the case. they have also asked any students who may have seen any inappropriate behavior from freundel to come forward. new response today from school leaders on talk of a gang fight at six flags this weekend. prince george's county school officials tell us rumors of planned violence at the theme park are david on, quote, unsabsated rumors. this comes a day after the principle pastel suitland high school sent a text message to parents, warning gangs might retaliate. six flags would not comment on the warning today but told us the safety of guests is its
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highest priority. and that increased security units and surveillance are in place now along with other measures. a mother of four from prince george's county has just claimed $1 million from the d.c. lottery. her name is aisha hawkins. here she is holding her big check. she is a stay-at-home mom from capitol heights and runs a nonprofit to help critically ill children. hawkins bought her ticket six weeks ago at the palisades deli and market. she says she plans to make home improvements, but the first thing she is going to do is celebrate by taking her husband out to lunch. >> that's some lunch. every parent knows it can be tough getting your kids out the door and over to school on mom. many moms and dads are making a crucial mistake every time. and now police are cracking down on parents. and storm team 4 is tracking the solar eclipse we are expecting to see tonight.
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>> that's right. we've had a mostly cloudy day today. and look at this. we still have quite a few clouds out there right now. will these clouds clear in time to see the solar eclipse and your exercise impact forecast all when news4 r
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. it's a family now devastated after losing two little girls in a fire. the fire broke out in their allegheny county home. the parents and four children were sleeping in their duplex in cumberland. the girls who died were 5 and 7. there were smoke detectors in the house but no sprinklers. new details today about a hit and run crash that still has a d.c. teenager fighting for his life. first told you about this on tuesday night. a boy was struck at the intersection of east capitol and 50th streets in ntheast d.c. we have learned the boy is a student at nearby hd woodson high school. district police are still looking fort person in a dark-colored vehicle who sped away without stopping.
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the nation was outraged over the grainy elevator video showing football star ray rice knocking his fiancee, janay rice, unconscious. now domestic violence and the nfl's handling of it are front and center. how the league is taking a stand. now it is. plus, are parents risking their kids' lives because they're in a rush? investigative reporter jeff rossen tags along a surprise police checkpoint and checks out how real the danger actually is. first at 4:00. ♪
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. car crashes are leading cause of death for children, yet a lot of parents are not buckling up their kids. >> some say they're in too much of a rush or the kids themselves are unbuckling while the car is in motion. nbc investigative correspondent jeff rossen has a new warning from police.
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>> reporter: why isn't this child buckled in, or this one? >> is there any reason why none of them are wearing seat belts back there? >> reporter: parent after parent pulled over by deputies. >> you need to keep that on at all times until you get to school, okay? >> reporter: already this school year, tragic headlines across the country. parents ignoring the law, kids not in seat belts. ejected from the car. and the danger is real. even at slow speeds. take a look at this government crash test video. this child is properly buckled in when the car slams into a wall at 30 miles per hour. experts say he would likely survive. but here is what it looks like when your child isn't strapped in. a dramatic difference. both kids hurled into the windshield. experts say their injuries would be life threatening. and remember, this is at slow speeds. >> our lives were changed so quickly and when they were
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changing, we didn't even know, it happened so fast. >> reporter: roslyn and tom this latter were on a family vacation with their four kids when their suv rolled over. the only person not buckled in was 12-year-old calvin. and he was the only one who was killed. >> there are always regrets if we would have done that, if we would have done that, maybe this wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: now officials are cracking down. >> roll your windows down for me, please. >> reporter: broward county sheriff and fire rescue inviting us along as they do seatbelt spot checks outside this florida elementary school. >> is there any reason he's not wearing a seatbelt this morning? >> reporter: on this day while we're here, an incredible 50% of the cars had kids who weren't buckled in. >> it's a life and death situation. it really is. buckle your kid. make your kid safe. >> reporter: hey, buddy, are you forgetting something? what are you forgetting? your seatbelt. put that on. the car should never move without a seatbelt on.
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it's dangerous. during this stop, mom isn't buckled in either. jeff rossen from nbc news. why wasn't your son in the seatbelt? >> i just forgot. >> reporter: you just forgot? >> yeah. >> reporter: in fact, lots of parents tried to explain themselves. >> i told them to belt in as we were leaving school, like i always do -- >> reporter: they didn't. >> i don't know. yeah. >> you know how important seat belts are. for adults. you're wearing yours. >> yes. >> reporter: especially for the kids. will you make sure they're belted from now on? >> yes, i will. >> you're driving 15 miles per hour. you're thinking it's a safe speed. >> reporter: are you going to get on top of it now? >> oh, yeah, definitely. >> reporter: you need to help dad too. when he forgets to put his seatbelt on, put your own on, okay? perfect. >> there's a high five. most of the parents say they forgot. new technology may change that. you know that dinging sound that starts when someone in the front seat isn't buckled up? congress has passed a law now that would require that same seatbelt alarm in the back seat
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too. still unclear when automakers will install them. >> not a bad idea. >> not a bad idea at all. can't have enough. >> we have a big show that will take place, and the question is, will we be able to see it. >> that's right. i think jim and pat, at least 60% of the area will get a chance of saying something based on how the clouds are clearing. of course, we're talking about the partial solar eclipse, as the moon -- as the moon passes in front of the sun. so it's going to look like the moon is actually taking a bite out of the sun. this will be starting just before 6:00. your exercise impact forecast with that sunsetting at 6:19. take a look at the temperatures. breezy and cool. yes. the wind doesn't settle until late tonight and it's not going to settle all wait to calm, but we drop from 64 to 60 degrees by 8:00. again, still some clouds around the area. in fact, the latest satellite and radar, we take it back to 1:00 this afternoon. clouds have been around here, still rotating down around that area of low pressure.
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some clearing around culpeper and charlottesville. clouds will be moving out. half of the area. d.c., a chance to see it, but you've got to get up high. we'll talk more about the partial solar eclipse later in the newscast. the other challenges we face. breezy here for your evening. and even throughout the day tomorrow. we're still going to be hanging on to a little bit of the northwesterly wind, but for tomorrow, expect more sunshine, a partly sunny afternoon coming our way with a northwesterly wind. saturday, sunday looking absolutely terrific. friday just getting ramped up. low temperatures tonight, look at this. hagerstown from 44 to a start. 45 in martinsburg, 45 in winchester. 51 in d.c. and areas east like college park, annapolis, dropping to about 51 degrees by tomorrow morning. again, that's under a mostly clear to partly cloudy sky. so breezy and cool again tomorrow. we push it up from 62 in our coolest readings north and west
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to a temperature of 66 degrees. and tomorrow, a few clouds around. 62. if you're going to any of those football games, friday night lights high school football, chilly conditions. 56 degrees between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. so, yes, a nice, warm jacket would be needed as you take a look at storm team seven-day forecast, we are planning a warmup starting the early part next week. your weekend, a-okay. seasonally mild and breezy sunday. nice autumn weekend coming our way, and a little later in the newscast also not only are we talking about the partial solar eclipse, but where you can go to check out some of that good autumn color. >> thanks, veronica. first at 4:00, a prince george's county man shot by a sheriff's deputy. he's died. the deputy was on a domestic violence call on houston street in suitland. he shot the man in the chest at about 1:00 a.m. following some sort of confrontation. the officer was not injured. he's now on routine
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administrative leave. expect to see nfl players taking a stand against domestic violence and against victim-blaming on tv. >> no more "i'm sure they'll work it out." >> no more "she seems fine to me." >> no more, "what was she wearing?" >> this new public service announcement by the no more campaign will begin airing during tonight's nfl game and will keep airing during games throughout the season. more than 20 current and former pro football players took part in this psa, including some who have had personal experience with domestic violence. "law & order vs is vu" directed this commercial. are we making a dent in the outbreak against ebola? and erika gonzales choice us with a consumer alert. . >> reporter: nearly 8 million air bags recalled. i'm erika gonzales, and i'll tell you about some of the road blocks consumers are running
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into when trying to get this part fixed. that's coming up. have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law,
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but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it.
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i'm wendy rieger at the live desk where we have a mid air collision near the frederick county municipal airport. three people are dead at the scene at this time. this is a small plane, we are hearing, and a small helicopter that crashed mid-air, not far
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from the frederick county municipal airport. and again, that is near that airport. we are waiting to hear what the situation was, what the situation is for people trying to travel in that area. we have a clear day, we don't know what happened regarding this. but small plane, small helicopter, three people dead. again, near the frederick county municipal airport. we'll have more for you coming up shortly. back to you. >> all right, wendy. we'll stay on top of that story. thank you. right now, reaction to the ssmaive air bag recall that we have been reporting all week. >> consumer reporter erika gonzales has more on road blocks drivers say they're experiencing, and erika, you have had a tremendous response since your story aired yesterday. >> luckily, people are paying attention. exactly what we want to happen here. we're talking about big problems with at that cotta air bags in nearly 8 million vehicles, 50
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models, 10 automakers impacted here. our phone lines, our e-mail boxes flooded yesterday with viewer messages yesterday, today especially. people trying to get their air bags fixed. but not all dealers have the parts. today we spoke with one viewer in silver spring who saw our report and tried to get the fix. in her words, this is how the dealership responded. >> i asked him, well, when can i come in to have it fixed. and he said, well you can't now, because we don't have any of the parts. we have nothing. but i really wish they would tell us if we could have it disabled. because i'm a realtor, and i don't want to put people in my car and -- it would be dangerous. >> we have heard that similar story all different ways from so many different viewers. tonight on news4 at 5:00, we're going to have more on jane's story, plus what the automakers are telling drivers to do while
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they wait. in the meantime, if you haven't already done so, please go to our website to see if your car was affected by this recall. you can head to just search air bags. you'll find a clear and concise list of all of them right there ready for your use. >> as you mentioned yesterday, it's a long list. >> it is a very long list. it is a number of different makes. there's a number of different models. but it takes one minute for you to check this website and see if it's on there. if not, you can move on your way. but it is definitely worth a look, please. >> okay. we want to go back to that breaking story out of frederick county. >> wendy rieger at the live desk with more on this mid-air collision. what have you learned? >> three people dead near the fr frederick county municipal airport. joining me on the phone is fire chief denise pouget.
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what happened? >> it's under investigation. the state police are doing their investigation as we speak. they'll be here for quite some time. the only thing we know is what we were told. we were told there was a mid-air collision near the frederick municipal airport. between a small helicopter and a small plane. we, fire rescue, have concern that we have three -- that have succumbed to injuries, because of this mid-air collision, and we have a not so serious patient and one that is semi serious, being transported to a hospital. and at this point, we're just trying to stabilize the scene, and then it will be a police investigation. so that's what we know so far. >> do you know where the plane and/or the helicopter originated from, or where they were heading to? >> no, we don't have any of that information. i'm sure later the state police will. we just know, you know, right
4:29 pm
now this collision took place, and we're dealing with the aftermath of that. >> what time did this happen? >> i can tell you what time the call went -- let me look here. we received the call around 4:00. 4:00 p.m. >> 4:00 p.m. all right. so let me just confirm. you have three people dead, and one person being transported to the hospital who appears to be in serious condition at this point. is that true? >> we have one that needs a little more medical attention than the other. so total of two not so serious. >> what is the total number of people involved? you have three people who have died, and how many are being transported or being or have survived? >> we know of two. >> so three dead and two -- >> so we know of five involved. >> total. >> at this point, yeah. that's all -- and being in a command post, that's all i know
4:30 pm
at this time. >> and what road -- where did the two aircraft come down? where did the crash come down? what road? >> our specific location was given as -- let me see here. mon monokosy boulevard. >> do you have the male/female of the five? can you tell us that? >> i don't have the sex of the individuals involved. >> denise pouget of the frederick county fire department. chopper 4 is heading to the scene as i speak. we have three people dead in a mid-air collision of a small plane and a small helicopter. two people have survived. they are assessing the seriousness of their injuries. we are expecting them to be transported to the hospital. this happened at m oh onokosy
4:31 pm
and buck heimer road in frederick county, near the frederick municipal airport. we are still working this -- obviously, this just happened a few minutes ago, and we will be updating you as soon as we get more information. back to you. also new now at 4:30, his role at the canadian parliamen is largely ceremonial, but kevin vickers is being honored today for actions that may have saved a lot of lives. an emotional day on the parliament floor in ottawa, canada, today, one day after gunfire rocked canada's capital. >> still so many questions about why the attack happened. nbc's jay gray is in ottawa this afternoon with the latest on this. jay? >> reporter: hey there, good afternoon. you're absolutely right. a lot of questions left here. and a lot of security. heavy police presence, as you might imagine, on the ground here right now. and with those officers on the street throughout the day, an army of people carrying flowers and stuffed animals to add to the growing memorial at the site of the attack.
4:32 pm
this afternoon, royal canadian mounted police confirm, michael zehoff carried out the attack on his own. his mother wrote, i am mad at our son, and that a part of me wants to hate him at this time. anger, frustration and pain are emotions that grip this city right now. >> this town is in shock. this town is shaken and i think yesterday we lost our innocence. >> reporter: but a young boy here has lost so much more. his dad, corporal nathan sirillo was guarding the tomb of the unknowns when the shots rang out. witnesses rushed to try and help but were unable to save his life. >> we offer our deepest sympathies to the family of corporal nathan sirillo of the canadian armed forces who was killed. and our hearts go out to those wounded. >> reporter: minutes later, bibbo drove to the articlement building where he walked in and
4:33 pm
opened fire. three people were injured as the gunman was shot and killed by kevin vickers. who today had an emotional and en during ovation as lawmakers returned to work. sending a message to the city, country and across the globe. >> we will be vigilant, but we will not run scared. >> reporter: even as their strength continues to be tested here. the attack here was the second on canadian soil this week. earlier in the week, monday, as a matter of fact, in montreal, a man that police say has ties to islamic extremists, used his car to run down two soldiers there. one died as a result of his injuries. that's the latest live in ottawa. jay gray, news4. this afternoon, some virginia troops take on the fight against ebola. dozens of troops deployed from ft. eustis.
4:34 pm
they're heading to west africa. the army says these soldiers will not make contact with infected patients, but they are trained on ways to protect themselves if they are exposed to the virus. they don't know how long their deployment will last. now the only two americans being treated for ebola are the two dallas nurses. emory hospital in atlanta says amber vinson's blood has tested negative for ebola, although she is not yet been declared ebola-free. the other nurse, nina pham, is in good condition at nih in bethesda. the dallas hospital awhere the nurses contracted the virus, texas health presbyterian is down 25% this month. thousands of local teenagers could be closer to getting more sleep. in a couple hours, the fairfax county school board will begin making a final vote on school start times. as news4's molette green reports now, supporters say medical
4:35 pm
evidence is on their side. >> reporter: the first students arrive at marshal high in falls church under the cover of darkness, as early as 6:00 a.m., well before classes start at 7:20. too early for laura kaiser. >> i do. my kids are out of high school. but i think they would have appreciated starting a little later. >> reporter: the largest school district in the area is ready to consider a big change after looking at the benefits of allowing some students to begin classes later. here's the plan up for a vote tonight. all middle school students will start at 7:30 with a goal of one day moving them closer to beginning classes at 8:00 a.m. high schoolers will start at 8:00 or 8:10. and start times for most elementary students will not change. supporters say there's medical evidence to back them up. some studies show teens do better mentally, physically and
4:36 pm
academically with more sleep. >> that gives them enough time to sleep, obviously. because most kids nowadays do not get that time. in the morning. so you see that in the grades. >> at first i thought it would be difficult for them to go longer. but i don't think so. i think they would be happier being able to sleep in. >> reporter: not everyone agrees that later is better. >> i just think people are more productive in the morning. i don't know, that's just me, though. >> but they do need sleep. that also depends what time they go to sleep at night. >> reporter: and the fairfax county school board will vote later tonight on whether to approve this measure. if the answer is yes to later start times, it will not take place until next school year at a cost of around $5 million. and some parents say that is a real bargain if it will mean healthier, happier students. in falls church, molette green,
4:37 pm
news4. >> according to the national sleep foundation, teenagers need about 8.5 hours of sleep every night. but only 15% of teens say they get that much sleep on a school night. do you want your local schools to consider later start times? that's our survey of the day. we want you to vote by texting or calling 202-601-3444. so far, the split is right down the middle. >> we'll keep you posted on the decision about start times tonight. we'll push an alert to your phone as soon as that decision is announced. download our free app in the app store or google play by searching nbc washington. trick or treat. concern over children getting pot-infused candy this halloween. and a deadly hit and run near the capitol still unsolved. the mother of a senate staffer speaks out today as the news4 i-team uncovers dangerous driving on the hill. and we've got improving sky conditions. in fact, tomorrow's weather
4:38 pm
absolutely beautiful. and a taste of september comes back. what about this partial solar eclipse? storm team 4 has everything you need to know when news4 at 4:00 returns. how can i avoid maintenance fees? why would you want to avoid them? because i don't want to... you know what?
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of just $100. disgraceful. a personal attack from a desperate candidate. that's how even republican leaders describe this false ad from... ed gillespe. the accusations aren't true. but they are exactly what you would expect from a d.c.... lobbyist, who made millions lobbying for oil companies... and enron. who specialized in dirty tricks as a partisan operative... and now he is bringi them to virginia. mark warner is working to solve problems... ed gillespe and his attacks are the problem.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. we want to hear from you about the stories you're talking about first at 4:00. >> follow us on facebook and twitter. we're waiting for an update now on how many people have downloaded or submitted applications for gun permits in the district. today is the first day the police department began accepting applications under the newly passed concealed carry law. people will only be allowed to carry a gun outside of their homes if they can justify the need for a weapon. they will also have to undergo safety training. even with a permit, guns will still be band in certain sensitive locations around the district. first at 4:00, a major change in the heart of mclean that's been years in the making. this afternoon, it's being celebrated. utilities are now underground at old dominion drive. and there is a new signal light there. several signal lights, in fact
4:43 pm
at that intersection. this will make that area of mclean less vulnerable to power outages during storms. the project was conceived in the 1980s, but ran into some difficulty getting the easements needed for completion. it's creepy for sure, but is it too much? outraged neighbors fight a family's spooky halloween displays. and a news 4 i-team investigation behind the wheel. scott macfarlane uncovers dangerous
4:44 pm
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wendy rieger back at the live desk on that fatal mid-air collision that occurred in the last hour. let's go to chopper 4's live of pictures of the scene. we are now over the crash site. this is a small plane and a helicopter that collided in mid-air. with he know that three people are dead, two people are injured. we saw -- we also saw that there was a para chute deployed. we don't know if someone tried to jump from the plane. there is a small plane called a cirrus that does deploy a parachute from the tail. we don't know if that's what happened here, but that might
4:48 pm
explain what this parachute is, this picture we got earlier today. i'm sorry, it's in frederick county, maryland. this occurred around 4:00 this afternoon, just outside the frederick county airport at buckheimer road in frederick county in maryland. again, a small plane and a helicopter in a mid-air collision. we do not know where they were originating from or where they were heading to. bedo know from the frederick county fire chief there are three people dead and two people injured. and they were assessing about 15 minutes ago their injuries and determining if they need to be transported to the hospital. again, you are looking at live pictures from chopper 4 of what we -- appears to be the plane, the aircraft in frederick county that collided in mid air with a helicopter about 4:00 this afternoon. back to you. >> wendy, thanks. it had been reported a while ago it was sunny there up and clear. but actually, you say there were
4:49 pm
clouds and winds. >> yeah, there have been some mid and high-level clouds around the area today, kind of split right through with some frederick county being included in that area with some cloud cover. we have had winds gusting also around here about 20 to 25 miles per hour. aloft those winds higher. so we'll see what comes out of that investigation. for us, our temperatures in the mid 60s across the area. doing better than yesterday. temperatures really got a chance to warm up and we're seasonally mild for today. but again, split between half the area being mostly cloudy. some of the area partly sunny, as we get ready to watch the sunset. that's what we have been talking about too. throughout the day today, are we going to be able to see the partial solar eclipse? take a look at the cloud cover here, and i'm going zoom right into those locations that have seen more clearing taking place this afternoon. fauquier county, manassas, culpeper, stanton. here we have clear skies. everyone else, clouds hanging on. the big question, doug, what do
4:50 pm
you think we'll be able to see, and give us an idea on what time it starts and stops and our next chance to catch it. >> veteran car accident i think the biggest factor may be the angle where this starts. it's starting right before sunset as the sun goes down. skycast 4, this paints a picture. a few clouds off to the west. but there is the sun. as we look past the capitol and washington monument. around that time, right around 5:53, that's when we're going to start to see the moon encroaching upon the sun. that's when the eclipse starts, 5:53, the moon touching the sun near the horizon. that's when see the best possibility of the eclipse there, and once the sun goes down, it's all over for us. the west coast will see much better views. but we've got a couple live cameras towards los angeles. we'll take those at 5:00 and 6:00. so if you see it today, look way out on that western horizon. >> and we'll certainly be watching through the 5:00 and 6:00 hour. sky conditions tomorrow will
4:51 pm
fair better than today. more sunshine across the area. all be it temperatures similar. 64 to 67 degrees from frederick, maryland to 66 in culpeper. 67 in fredericksburg. and for the weekend, stellar. nice conditions on saturday. 68. 66 with a few clouds sunday. and yes, this will be a great weekend for taking in a lot of the fall color. real quick, look at your seven-day forecast here. next chance of rain not until thursday of next week. and i think that might come pretty late, guys. back to you. >> all right. veronica, thank you. a man in frederick county, maryland, is believed to be one of the first to be charged under the state's new law on so-called revenge porn. news4' pat collins working on this story for 5:00 tonight, spoke with the victim and joins us now with more. pat? >> reporter: jim, the law went into effect october 1st. hours after that a guy in frederick county is charged with posting intimate videos of his ex girlfriend on the internet.
4:52 pm
the suspect, 29-year-old patrick himba. the victim, we call her jane. because of the sensitive nature of the story, we agreed not to use her real name or show her face. last month she says he posted intimate videos of her on several porn sites. >> yes, i made a video. but that doesn't give him the authority to display my body or my sexuality for others' enjoyment or to use it to victimize me. >> reporter: now coming up at 5:00, the victim speaks candidly about the impact this has had on her life. and how she has documented this stormy relationship. wait until you see the binder she has. i'll see you at 5:00. i'm julie carey in alexandria where accused killer charles severance is in the courtroom for the first time with the relatives of his alleged victims. coming up on news4 at 5:00, how long they will have to wait for
4:53 pm
his murder trial to begin.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. next week, your kids will be trick or treating, but in states where marijuana use is legal, a lot of parents are worried ab t abouttriabout tricks in those treats with recreational pot legal in colorado and washington state, police are warning parents about candy laced with pot. you can see from these pictures of regular candy next to tainted candy, they look pretty much the same. >> we have a plethora of candies that are infused with marijuana. and outside of the packaging, you cannot tell the difference between the regular and the marijuana-infused candies. >> even some marijuana advocates are stepped forward about this, saying they're supporting keeping drugs out of kids' candy, no matter where you live, you should always check your kids' treats to make sure there has been no tampering. it's not unusual to find
4:57 pm
gory halloween displays in yards this time of the year. but one mother in new jersey is stirring controversy, because of her decorations, which include baby dolls. neighbors say it's too creepy and they want her to take them down. >> this is our favorite holiday. and we decorate every single year. >> reporter: mary krueger and her kids put a lot of work into decorating their home for halloween. >> we repurposed old dolls instead of throwing them out. and pattern everybody has problems with that. >> reporter: the decorations have some neighbors saying the display is too disturbing. >> i just think they could have done without those baby dolls hanging. >> reporter: the display features a trio of baby dolls covered in fake blood while hanging from nooses. >> i thought it was a little gruesome. but i thought to each his own. >> i just don't understand why baby dolls covered in sharpie is a bad thing. >> reporter: the kruegers don't
4:58 pm
understand the controversy. they say these dolls have been up for three weeks and haven't heard a complaint until now. >> it's just ridiculous, to be honest. >> reporter: she understands her decorations are different and not like what the others are displaying on her block, but despite the negative attention on social media, krueger says she is not taking them down. >> they stay up until halloween. >> reporter: meantime, krueger says had her neighbors simply come up to her and asked her to take them down, she would have. >> mary krueger's own children helped put up that display. they are 8 and 10. the kids say they like the decoration, because creepy dolls are what their friends find scary. news4 at 5:00 begins with breaking news. >> right now at 5:00, a deadly mid-air collision in maryland. we are just learning some new details about what happened as chopper 4 shows you the scene. here is what we know. in the last hour, we learned three people were killed after a mid-air collision in frederick,
4:59 pm
maryland. chopper 4 arrived at the scene, and here's the area where it happened. this scene is right near the frederick municipal airport. chris lawrence is at our live desk with breaking details. >> now that we've been able to get a better picture of the area and specifically of the plane itself, we can tell by the tail numbers on that plane that this is a cirrus design single-engine plane, and based on that, we know that type of plane is equipped with a parachute. earlier, we did see that picture of the parachute, the photo we have shown earlier. that doesn't mean to say we're not saying definitively someone did try to eject from the plane. but we do know now, because of the type of plane that this is, that it is equipped with a parachute on board. again, all of this is happening right around the area of monockasy boulevard and buckheimer road. as you can see from chopper 4, this is a fairly uninhabited
5:00 pm
area, a lot of trees, open space out there. not a very congested area. and as chopper 4 pulls out, you get a better picture of what happened there. we know this was a single engine plane and helicopter that collided in mid-air. three people have been killed. two people have been rushed to the hospital. let's hear now from authorities who are there on the scene. >> we were told there was a mid-air collision near the frederick municipal airport. between a small helicopter and a small plane. we, fire rescue, have concern that we have three -- that have succumbed to injuries, because this mid-air collision, and we have a -- not-so-serious patient and semi serious. they're being transported to a hospital. and at this point we're just trying to stabilize the scene and then it will


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